The Best Cat Statue

Robert Richardson
23 min readApr 5, 2024


Welcome to our roundup of the best cat statues available in the market. Whether you’re a cat lover or looking for a unique addition to your home decor, we’ve gathered an array of top-rated cat statues that are sure to impress. Get ready to discover the perfect cat statue that matches your personality and style.

The Top 20 Best Cat Statue

  1. Reaper Kitten Figurine: Black Feline Companion of the Grim Reaper — Embody the dark bond between the Grim Reaper and his kitten companion, perfectly hand-painted in resin, the Nemesis Now Reapers Kitty (15.5cm, Black) is an enchanting gothic collectible.
  2. Realistic Orange Tabby Kitten Polyresin Statue for Indoor and Outdoor Decor — Add a touch of whimsy and charm with the Hi-Line Gift Ltd. Hanging Tabby Kitten Statue, featuring stunning craftsmanship and realistic details, perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.
  3. Fully Detailed Life-Size Napping Orange Cat Sculpture — Experience the stunning realism of Sandicast’s life-size lying orange cat sculpture, handcrafted by renowned artist Sandra Brue, perfect for adding a touch of feline charm to your home.
  4. Grey Tabby Kitten Collectible Glass Eyes Resin Decor — Capture the charm of a lifelike grey tabby kitten with this exquisitely hand-painted cold cast resin collectible, adding a touch of realism to any room decor or tabletop as an enchanting gift option.
  5. Elegant Bicolor Ragdoll Cat Sculpture — Experience the captivating artistry of Sandicast’s Bicolor Ragdoll Cat Sculpture, a finely crafted masterpiece that captures the essence of your feline companion, created by Sandra Brue, one of the world’s most celebrated animal sculpture artists.
  6. Adorable Handmade Polyresin Cat Statue — Transform your home or office with the mesmerizing HAUCOZE Cat Statue Sculpture, perfectly handcrafted and hand-painted; an ideal premium gift for any special occasion.
  7. Waterproof Cat Statue — Calico Figurine with Exceptional Detail — Great Home Decor — Add a touch of charm to your home or garden with this highly detailed and weather-resistant Cat Statue, making it the perfect gift for cat lovers.
  8. Whimsical White Cat Statue for Garden or Patio — Decorate your indoor or outdoor space with the charming Zingz & Thingz Pretty Please Cat Figurine, featuring a realistic depiction of a cute standing cat statue.
  9. Realistic Lifelike Black Cat Statue — Bring the elegance of a black cat into your home or gift it to a loved one with this realistic, waterproof, and heat-resistant stone resin cat figurine.
  10. Polyresin Lying Cat Sleeping Statue with Indoor/Outdoor Functionality — Celebrate your love for cats with the stunning Hi-Line Gift Ltd Lying Cat Statue, featuring exquisite life-like details and perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.
  11. Realistic Polyresin Sleeping Cat Statue — Bring a touch of whimsy to your indoor or outdoor space with the lifelike and charming Hi-Line Gift Ltd Sleeping Cat Statue in classic black and white design.
  12. Adorable Orange Tabby Cat Washing Figurine Statue — Capture the essence of a playful American Shorthair cat with the stunning and lifelike Hi-Line Gift Ltd. Orange Tabby Cat washing figurine, an exquisite gift for cat lovers that captivates both indoors and outdoors.
  13. Heartwarming Mother Cat with Kitten Cat Statue — Celebrate the bond between a mother cat and her kitten with this charming 16.75-inch Tabby Statue, handcrafted with intricate detail and perfect for both indoor and outdoor settings: an essential addition to your cat statue collection.
  14. Realistic Black and White Tuxedo Cat Statue — Add a touch of whimsy and elegance to your space with the adorable lifelike-sleeping Black and White Tuxedo Cat Statue, measuring 3.75" tall, 7" long, and 3.75" deep, expertly crafted from polyresin and hand-painted to perfection.
  15. Stylish Cat Statue Art for Home Decor — Add a touch of elegance to any interior with this 2.8 lb. Cat Art Glass, featuring intricately detailed cat sculptures in cool, sophisticated colors.
  16. Feng Shui Wealth Cat Statue for Home and Office — Welcome prosperity into your home with this beautifully crafted Lucky Cat Figurine, showcasing auspiciousness and happiness while decorating your living space with its elegant design.
  17. Majestic Bengal Cat Statue for Cat Lovers — Capture the captivating gaze of a majestic Bengal cat with this exquisite, polyresin cat statue, perfect for cat lovers to adore both indoors and outdoors.
  18. Indian Ink-Inspired Cat Meditation Statue — Experience serene feline tranquility with Nengah Sudarsana’s exquisite NOVICA Cat in Deep Meditation Wood Figurine, measuring 7" tall and expertly crafted from suar wood.
  19. Stunning Unique Ginger Cat Figurine — Experience the captivating beauty of the Ginger Cat Figurine, handcrafted in Uruguay by skilled artists with vibrant enamel glazes, platinum, and 18 karat gold, making each piece a unique masterpiece.
  20. Red Ceramic Maneki Cat Statue — Illuminate your space with the captivating charm of LEBLON DELIENNE’s Maneki ceramic cat in a light red, ceramic, glazed finish, showcasing intricate debossed detailing and curved corners.

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Reaper Kitten Figurine: Black Feline Companion of the Grim Reaper


The Nemesis Now Reapers Kitty Figurine, standing tall at 15.5cm, is an intriguing addition to any collection. Its enchanting design depicts a little black cat with piercing black eyes, draped in a shroud, just like its human-like companion, the Grim Reaper. This figurine showcases their unique bond in the darkest of realms.

The meticulous attention to detail and hand-painted finish ensures each piece has its own distinct charm, like a one-of-a-kind artwork. It’s a must-have for gothic enthusiasts or curious collectors who enjoy an unexpected twist in their decor.

Although each piece may vary slightly due to being entirely hand-painted, the uniqueness is part of its allure. The Reapers Kitty Figurine adds a touch of mysterious allure to any space it occupies.

Realistic Orange Tabby Kitten Polyresin Statue for Indoor and Outdoor Decor


While browsing through various types of decorative outdoor statues, I stumbled upon this beautiful Hi-Line Gift Ltd. Hanging Tabby Kitten Statue. Its vibrant color and charming design immediately caught my eye. On closer inspection, the impressive level of detail, such as its lifelike expression and well-crafted texture, really stood out.

I decided to bring one home and place it in my outdoor space, where it instantly transformed the area into something more whimsical and playful. The kitten’s dangling nature not only helped create a unique focal point, but also added depth and a layer of visual interest. Moreover, I found that it held up well against the elements, be it rain, sun, or wind, which speaks to its durability and build quality.

However, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. One downside I encountered was the potential for small children or pets to accidentally break the piece due to its delicate construction. Additionally, while I absolutely love the natural outdoor setting, I do believe that this charming kitten could also brighten up indoor spaces, such as a study or a child’s bedroom.

In conclusion, this Hi-Line Gift Ltd. Hanging Tabby Kitten Statue proved to be both a delightful and intriguing addition to my outdoor environment. Its charming design and impressive craftsmanship have earned it a prominent spot in our yard, and its ability to withstand different weather conditions has given me peace of mind. Just be cautious when it comes to young children and pets, and consider indoor placement for those who desire a little more weather protection. Overall, it is a lovely and unique piece to bring a bit of whimsy to your home or garden.

Fully Detailed Life-Size Napping Orange Cat Sculpture


I recently added Sandicast’s life-size orange cat sculpture to my home décor, and I must say, it’s a delightful addition! The attention to detail is impressive, with the cat’s remarkably expressive face and lifelike napping pose. I appreciate how the artist, Sandra Brue, skillfully captures the essence of a feline companion.

One of the more striking aspects of this sculpture is its size — it’s larger in person, providing an even more eye-catching presence. The meticulous craftsmanship showcases the artist’s dedication to perfection. However, I must admit, the dimensions are slightly larger than expected, which might cause a slight inconvenience in certain spaces.

I also find the hand-cast and hand-painted process appealing, which adds to the unique charm of the piece. I must say that it exceeded my expectations in terms of the level of detail. The delivery was prompt and the packaging was secure, with the sculpture arriving safely in my hands.

Overall, this life-size orange cat sculpture has become a cherished piece of home decor. While it’s slightly larger than anticipated, the extraordinary level of detail and craftsmanship easily outweighs that minor inconvenience.

Grey Tabby Kitten Collectible Glass Eyes Resin Decor


Imagine bringing a touch of adorable to your home with the Grey Tabby Kitten Collectible Glass Eyes Hand Painted Resin. I have one of these in my living room, and I must say it brightens up the place. The intricate attention to detail is visible, and it comes close to resembling a real kitten.

The dimension makes it impressive, standing at 8 3/8" x 3 3/4" x 5 3/4". The resin used is of high quality, which gives the kitten a realistic feel. The highlight definitely has to be those amazing glass eyes — they bring the kitten to life!

I placed it on our dining table, adding a dash of playfulness to our room. It’s not too big or too small; it fits perfectly into the corner, just like a real kitten would when it’s curled up in a nook. This is indeed a versatile decor piece, as it can match any surrounding and remain a conversation starter no matter which season we’re in.

Despite its beauty, it doesn’t break the budget — it’s a perfect gifting idea for any occasion. Whether you’re looking to add a pop of color to your living room or gifting someone the cutest surprise, this Grey Tabby Kitten Collectible is surely your go-to.

However, it might not be suitable for toddlers or pets as it could present a hazard with its delicate resin body. It’s best positioned in a safe area away from children or pets in your home.

Elegant Bicolor Ragdoll Cat Sculpture


I recently received the Sandicast Bicolor Ragdoll Cat Sculpture as a gift, and I must say it’s quite an intriguing piece. The attention to detail is impeccable, and it’s evident that the artist put a great deal of thought into creating this sculpture. The most striking aspect of the Sandicast Bicolor Ragdoll is how lifelike it looks, with its expressive eyes and intricate fur texture. This sculpture adds charm and personality to any room it’s placed in.

Despite its small size, measuring only 2 x 2 x 3 inches, the Sandicast Bicolor Ragdoll Cat Sculpture is a true masterpiece. The artist’s meticulous craftsmanship is evident in every curve and angle of this exquisite feline figure. Moreover, the fact that each sculpture is hand-cast and hand-painted with exceptional precision creates an aura of exclusivity and elegance around it.

While the Sandicast Bicolor Ragdoll Cat Sculpture is a fantastic addition to any cat lover’s collection, I must mention that it is smaller than expected. However, this doesn’t diminish the allure or quality of the sculpture itself. Overall, the Sandicast Bicolor Ragdoll Cat Sculpture is a must-have for any feline admirer, and the artistry behind it speaks for itself.

Adorable Handmade Polyresin Cat Statue


As a lover of handmade treasures, I recently stumbled upon the HAUCOZE Cat Statue Sculpture. This modern figurine truly stands out from the crowd, with its unique blend of both traditional and contemporary elements. The 22.5cm height and meticulous attention to detail showcase the sculptor’s skills, making it a striking addition to any room.

The material, polyresin, lends a natural and soft appearance, while the multi-colored accents catch your eye and infuse the statue with depth and character. Cleaning it is simple, thanks to the soft brush that keeps it shining like new. This cat statue is perfect for adding a touch of whimsy to your living space, from desks and bookshelves to dining tables and bedrooms.

The premium quality of the statue is evident, with the 18.5cm height and hand-painted figurines made from lead-free and environmentally friendly materials. The thoughtful gift packaging adds to the overall experience, making it an excellent choice for special occasions or as a personal memento.

However, I must note a few minor drawbacks that potential buyers should be aware of. The statue’s small size may not be suitable for everyone’s taste, and the hand-painted nature of the design can sometimes lead to uneven color application. Nevertheless, these issues are far outweighed by the overall charm and elegance this cat sculpture brings to its surroundings.

Waterproof Cat Statue — Calico Figurine with Exceptional Detail — Great Home Decor


I recently received the stunning Basuo-9Q Realistic Kitten Figurine as a housewarming gift. The attention to detail in this figurine is truly remarkable — it almost feels like there’s a living, breathing cat sitting on my desk!

My favorite aspect of this resin figurine is its lifelike appearance, which makes it a fantastic decorative piece for my home. Yet, despite its beauty, it remains waterproof and heat resistant, ensuring it will stand the test of time. Even after years of use, this kitten statue will still look as vibrant and lifelike as the day I first placed it on my desk.

However, the only downside is that it’s not suitable for outdoor use. While it’s perfect for brightening up any room indoors, I would love to see a version specifically designed for patios or gardens. Regardless, the Basuo-9Q Realistic Kitten Figurine is a perfect decorative addition for any cat lover’s home or office.

Whimsical White Cat Statue for Garden or Patio


Have you ever wished for a cute little friend to keep you company outside, while adorning your garden or patio? That wish is brought to life with the Zingz & Thingz Pretty Please Cat Figurine.

This charming white and black cat sculpture is a delightful addition to any outdoor space. Being made of durable and detailed polyresin, this figurine can withstand varying weather conditions both indoors and out. Its dimensions of 10.6 inches high by 6.48 inches wide by 6.28 inches deep, combined with its light weight at 0.8 lb. , make it a perfect fit for various locations.

One thing that really stands out about this figurine is the realistic depiction of an adorable cat standing on all fours. It’s as if the little feline is waiting for you to give it a pat on the head, adding a playful touch to your outdoor decoration.

However, a potential con is that the figurine’s light weight may cause it to tip over if not placed on a stable surface, especially if exposed to strong winds.

Another noteworthy aspect is its versatility as an excellent housewarming gift for a cat lover or as a charming decor piece in a garden or front yard. The cat’s bright eyes and fluffy appearance evoke a sense of whimsy, bringing cheer to any space they reside in.

In conclusion, the Zingz & Thingz Pretty Please Cat Figurine adds a touch of whimsical charm and beauty to any outdoor environment with its realistic depiction of an adorable cat standing and its durable and detailed polyresin construction.

Realistic Lifelike Black Cat Statue


This Basuo-9Q Realistic Kitten Figurine has become a beloved addition to my home decor. With its waterproof and heat-resistant features, it’s stood the test of time and continued to look as great as the day I first brought it home.

The hand-painted details are truly exceptional, making it a unique and eye-catching piece among my other decorations. It’s perfect for any occasion, but especially charming during Halloween as a fun homage to the black cat. While it may not be the cheapest option on the market, it’s well worth the investment for its durability and the delight it brings to my home.

Polyresin Lying Cat Sleeping Statue with Indoor/Outdoor Functionality


I recently came across the Hi-Line Gift Ltd Lying Cat Sleeping Statue, and it’s become a charming addition to my home. The polyresin composition gives this kitten statue a lifelike finish, making it a perfect decor piece for cat enthusiasts.

One thing that stands out to me is how this statue captures the essence of a sleeping cat — the pose is so natural that it almost feels like there’s a real feline lying there. The life-like details are incredibly impressive, and I’ve even had guests ask if the statue is real.

That being said, there are a couple of drawbacks I’ve noticed. While the statue looks fantastic from a distance, up close the finish can appear a bit glossy and artificial. Additionally, the size might be slightly smaller than expected, but overall, it’s still a lovely piece.

In conclusion, the Hi-Line Gift Ltd Lying Cat Sleeping Statue is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to showcase their love for felines in a unique and realistic way. The intricate details and lifelike appearance make it a standout piece in any setting.

Realistic Polyresin Sleeping Cat Statue


I’ve been using the Hi-Line Gift LTD Sleeping Cat Statue, Black/White in my living room for a while now. The polyresin composition not only makes it durable, but it also adds that lifelike touch to the kitten statue. What stood out the most was the life-like details — they really did an excellent job capturing the essence of a sleeping cat. This statue is perfect for both indoors and outdoors, and the classic black and white color scheme really adds a touch of elegance to any space.

One thing I noticed, though, was the size of the statue. It’s a bit smaller than I expected, which might be a drawback for some. Despite that, the high-quality materials and lifelike details make it a worthwhile addition to any cat-lover’s collection. The statue’s ability to be placed both indoors and outdoors makes it a versatile piece that can fit well in different settings.

As someone who appreciates intricate details, the Sleeping Cat Statue delivers on all fronts. The realistic colors and patterns truly bring the statue to life. Overall, the Hi-Line Gift LTD Sleeping Cat Statue, Black/White is a great investment for those looking for a realistic and charming addition to their space.

Adorable Orange Tabby Cat Washing Figurine Statue


I recently got my hands on one of the most adorable Cat Statues from Hi-Line Gift Ltd. , and let me tell you, it’s been a game-changer in my daily life. This Orange Tabby Cat American Shorthair Washing figurine is an absolute delight to have around, and the intricate details just make it all the more special.

The highlight of the statue, in my opinion, is the cat’s realistic washing action. The attention to detail is simply extraordinary, and it makes for such a charming sight. For cat owners and enthusiasts, this statue is sure to bring a smile to your face every time you glance at it.

Additionally, the resin material gives the statue a sturdy feel, making it perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. However, I must mention the size of the statue — it’s a bit larger than I initially anticipated. But hey, that just means you’ll have a more noticeable presence of this amazing figurine in your life!

Overall, this Cute to a fault Cat Statue from Hi-Line Gift Ltd. is a delightful addition to any home, and I’d highly recommend it to anyone looking for a touch of love and realism in their lives.

Heartwarming Mother Cat with Kitten Cat Statue


Recently, I stumbled upon this enchanting cat statue. It featured an intricately designed tabby mother cat, tenderly cradling her kitten.

The level of detail and craftsmanship took my breath away. What I particularly loved was its size — perfect for both indoor and outdoor spaces. I placed it in the garden, and it added a touch of warmth to the outdoor area.

The statue was made of resin, making it sturdy and long-lasting. Overall, this heartwarming mother and kitten statue would make a charming addition to any setting and a thoughtful gift for a cat enthusiast.

Realistic Black and White Tuxedo Cat Statue


I recently came across this charming Ebros Sleeping Tuxedo Cat Statue while browsing for garden decor. As a cat lover, I couldn’t resist adding it to my collection.

The statue, which measures 7 inches in length and stands 3.75 inches tall, is crafted with great attention to detail. Each statue in the Ebros Gift exclusive collection is hand-painted and polished individually, resulting in a truly lifelike and textured tuxedo kitten. This figurine is the perfect addition to any cat lover’s space, showcasing a unique blend of elegance and whimsy.

While it may not be the largest cat statue out there, its size makes it the perfect companion for any flat surface, effortlessly standing on its own. Overall, this sleeping tuxedo cat statue adds a touch of charm and realism to any space, making it a must-have for cat enthusiasts.

Stylish Cat Statue Art for Home Decor


I’ve found myself drawn to the mesmerizing beauty of the Cat Art Glass statue in my daily life. The intricate detailing of the feline sculpture, with its hues of green, gold, and blue, has the power to brighten up any space, whether it’s at the center of a table or nestled on a shelf.

The statue, which weighs in at a substantial 2.8 lbs. , is crafted almost like a living creature — a marvel of glass artistry. This adds an element of life to the piece, making it truly unique and stand out among other similar pieces of decor.

One of the major pros of the Cat Art Glass is how easy it is to maintain. The simple suggestion of gently dusting or using a damp cloth to clean the statue makes it a convenient addition to any space. No more worrying about hard-to-reach areas or tough stains.

However, be prepared for a bit of a weight when it comes to moving or rearranging the statue. Despite its beauty, the substantial weight might be a bit of a downside for some. For others who are fine with the added weight, this artistic statement piece in the form of a feline sculpture will be a delightful addition to your home.

In conclusion, the Cat Art Glass proves to be an elegant and stylish accent wherever it’s placed, be it in a living room, dining room, or on a mantelpiece. If the weight is something you can overlook, it might just become a new favorite in your household repertoire of housewarming gifts.

Feng Shui Wealth Cat Statue for Home and Office


I recently found myself captivated by a Lucky Cat Figurine from the Feng Shui Wealth Ornaments store. The sleek design and enticing meaning of it drew me in.

I decided to bring this resin statue into my home, hoping it would bring good fortune and wealth. Its arms moving back and forth symbolize wealth, auspiciousness, and happiness, which makes it an excellent conversation starter.

My friends and family have all enjoyed seeing it on my desk and have even shown interest in getting their own. As a decorative piece, it blends nicely with different furniture styles and adds a fascinating touch to one’s living space.

I’m glad I made this purchase and recommend it as a thoughtful gift for loved ones or for enhancing the ambiance in one’s home. While it may be small, its importance lies in the message it conveys, and I feel fortunate to have it in my space.

Majestic Bengal Cat Statue for Cat Lovers


There’s just something enchanting about this small Sitting Bengal Cat Statue that draws the eye. With the statue’s captivating eyes, your attention will be captured right away. If you’re a cat lover, this is an absolute must-have, whether for yourself or as a special gift to someone else.

One of the remarkable features of this statue is its versatility. Despite being made of polyresin, it can be used both indoors and outdoors, making it a versatile addition to any space. Yet, it doesn’t compromise on style or quality, which is evident from the statue’s detail and texture.

The experience of having this statue in my daily life has been a delightful one. Every time I look at it, I feel a sense of tranquility wash over me. The level of detail in the design is commendable, and the statue’s sturdy construction ensures it lasts long.

However, one minor drawback I experienced was that the statue’s size might be smaller than expected. But overall, the enchanting design and the versatility it offers more than make up for it.

Indian Ink-Inspired Cat Meditation Statue


I had the pleasure of adding this NOVICA Cat in Deep Meditation Wood Figurine to my collection recently, and I must say, it’s been quite the addition. The attention to detail in capturing the cat’s peaceful state is remarkable. The suar wood base gives the figurine a stunning yet natural look, which enhances its overall appeal. Measuring at an ideal size for shelf and table display, it’s perfect for any room. However, one aspect that might not sit well with everyone is the India ink color, which could be considered a bit off-putting for some.

Despite this minor drawback, I found the figurine to be well-made and a great representation of the artist’s intention. The smile on the cat’s face adds a lovely touch to the piece, making it an ideal conversation starter at home or the workplace. Overall, this NOVICA Cat in Deep Meditation Wood Figurine is a beautiful addition to my collection, and I’m glad I decided to add it to my daily life.

Stunning Unique Ginger Cat Figurine


I’ve recently fallen in love with this de Rosa Ginger Cat Figurine — a delightful addition to my collection of charming home decor. As a cat enthusiast, discovering this masterpiece was like finding a treasure chest filled with feline happiness.

The level of detail in the sculpting is simply astounding, making it look like the real deal. The vibrant enamel glazes and the exquisite touch of platinum and gold give this figurine an artistic charm that’s hard to find elsewhere. Each figurine is hand-crafted, ensuring that no two are ever exactly the same, which adds to the unique appeal.

However, the only downside is that the package it arrived in wasn’t much to look at. But once I unwrapped the figurine, all my worries faded away, and I was left with nothing but admiration for this beautiful piece of art. The de Rosa Ginger Cat Figurine is a must-have for cat lovers and art enthusiasts alike, and I can’t wait to add more of these stunning creations to my collection.

Red Ceramic Maneki Cat Statue


I recently added the Leblon DELIENNE Maneki Ceramic Cat — Red to my home décor, and it has quickly become a favorite. The light red ceramic finish, glazed with a subtle sheen, is a standout feature that adds a touch of elegance to any room. The debossed detailing and curved corners are delightfully eye-catching, creating a unique and intriguing piece of art.

However, I must admit that I have encountered some minor issues. The cat’s positioning, while visually appealing, tends to draw attention to the fact that it’s not a real feline. Some may find this a bit disappointing. Additionally, the weight of the piece is noticeable, which could be a consideration if you plan on moving it frequently.

Despite these drawbacks, the Leblon DELIENNE Maneki Ceramic Cat — Red remains a captivating addition to my home. Its eye-catching design and high-quality craftsmanship make it an ideal choice for those looking to add a touch of whimsy to their living space.

Buyer’s Guide


Welcoming a cat statue into your home or garden can enhance the ambiance and add a touch of charm. As you’re considering purchasing a cat statue for your collection, it is essential to be aware of the various factors to make an informed buying decision. This guide will help you understand the features, considerations, and general advice for buying the perfect cat statue.


  1. Purpose and setting: Determine where the statue will be placed and how it will be used. Do you want something elegant on your garden’s lawn, or a playful piece as a focal point in your living room? Consider the statue’s size, shape, and appearance as they relate to the intended location and purpose.


  1. Stone: Stone statues are durable, detailed, and highly attractive. They are suitable for outdoor use and can withstand harsh weather conditions. However, they are generally more expensive.
  2. Bronze: Bronze statues are sturdy, weather-resistant, and offer incredible detail. They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use but can be more vulnerable to natural elements over time.
  3. Resin: Resin statues are lightweight, affordable, and can be made to look like many different materials. They are suitable for indoor use and low-maintenance outdoor settings.
  4. Ceramic or Glass: Ceramic and glass statues can provide a unique, delicate appearance. They are generally more expensive and require specific care.


  1. Smaller statues may fit better in more confined spaces, such as a courtyard or entryway. Consider the space available for placement and the desire for the statue to be more noticeable or blended into the background.

Sculpture Style

  1. Figurative: A figurative statue will depict a specific cat pose, breed, or other identifiable features. These statues can convey different emotions, themes, and preferences for the viewer.
  2. Abstract: An abstract cat statue may convey a specific theme, expression, or design. These statues are often created to capture the essence of cats without focusing on specific features or breeds.


  1. Outdoor placement: Regular cleaning and weather-resistant coatings may be required.
  2. Indoor placement: Wipe-down the statue with a damp cloth periodically to keep it clean and dust-free.

General Advice

  1. Research: Look into various types of cat statues and find one that has captured your interest and meets your needs.
  2. Material and care: Understand the material of the statue and how to properly care for it to ensure a long, beautiful lifespan.
  3. Shop around: Compare different cat statues across various vendors, price points, and product reviews to help you make the best decision.


  • What are cat statues?

Cat statues are decorative figurines that depict cats in various poses and styles. They are often made of ceramic, stone, or metal, and are used to add aesthetic appeal to homes, gardens, or offices. Cat statues can come in a range of sizes, from small figurines to large garden sculptures.

  • Why should I buy a cat statue?

If you’re a cat lover, buying a cat statue can bring a touch of whimsy and personality to your living space. Cat statues also make great gifts for cat enthusiasts. Some people like how they blend well with plants and gardens, providing a natural-looking decorative element.

  • What materials are cat statues made of?

Cat statues are typically made of ceramic, stone, or metal. Ceramic cat statues are often painted with intricate details and patterns. Stone statues can vary in color and detail, making them a popular choice for outdoor garden sculptures. Metal cat statues are often rust-resistant and suitable for outdoor use as well.

  • How can I clean my cat statue?

Cleaning techniques will vary depending on the material of your cat statue. For ceramic and stone statues, you can use a soft-bristled brush or sponge and mild soap to remove dirt. For metal statues, you can use a rust-removal product and a soft cloth to prevent scratches. It’s always recommended to follow the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions, if available, to ensure your cat statue remains in pristine condition.

  • How can I ensure my cat statue is authentic?

A good way to ensure the authenticity of your cat statue is by purchasing it from a reputable retailer. Look for well-known brands or artisans who specialize in creating high-quality decorative cat statues. In some cases, you may be able to find certificates of authenticity or detailed product descriptions that provide information about the materials, techniques, and artisans involved in the creation of the statue.

  • Where can I find more information about cat statues?

For more information about cat statues, you can visit websites or blogs that are dedicated to cat-themed decor or garden art. You can also join online forums or clubs that cater to cat enthusiasts to learn about their experiences with cat statues and other similar products.